I guess really all it’s good for is fighting all of those feelings that you don’t generally want to deal with. The feelings that a good glass of wine and watching an episode of family guy seem to be squelched for a few minutes. However, we must all eventually deal with the feeling and I think blogging might help. A cheap form of therapy, that might be somewhat entertaining.

I went spinning this morning, an exercise which I loathe the entire time my legs are peddling, but when it’s over, I once again love it. I came home to find out that a pipe had broken and our water was turned off, so I had to gather all of my stuff and go back to the gym to shower. I hate showering at the gym, it’s bad enough that I have to do it 5 mornings a week, but on my Saturday? It sucks.

I went to Borders to browse a bit, I was trying to find a new book. I found a few that really interested me. I finally settled on a book titled “Snow” by Orhan Pamuck, I haven’t started reading it yet, but it looks good. The New York Times named it their book of the year and since I have finally admitted that I want to be a W.A.S.P. I think I should read it for sure. I’ll have to blog about wanting to be a W.A.S.P. some other time.

So then I went to Cedars to do my monthly platelet donation. I have to admit that it generally is somewhat of a stressful experience for me. I don’t have huge veins and so it makes it hard when the machine is taking blood, it takes a lot of work on the nurses part. It can also be painful, but today it was great, I drank hot tea right before I donated and it worked great! Thank god, hopefully that is the trick…but by the end of my two hour donation my arm was incredibly sore and I had to pee like a mo-fo, but they said my blood was the healthiest it’s been since I started donating 7 months ago.

I had to miss yoga, which sucks, because now that’s three days in a row that I’ve missed. I don’t even like missing two days in a row, but that’s life. I’m also torn, because I could go to the 10 a.m. class and maybe see the cute lawyer I have a crush on, even though he wears speedo’s and not like the teacher. I could also go to the 430pm class, possibly see the cute lawyer guy, but not likely and have a teacher I like. I could also go to spinning in the morning. I’m a little concerned about all this exercise, but I want to look good when I go home and that’s only two and half weeks away. I think I’m going with option two.

Now, I’m about to put together a car that I bought for the baby’s chirstmas present. I know I could give it to him unassembled, but I think I’d end up putting it together myself anyway. As for dealing with my feelings. It’s going to have to wait.