I’m not exactly sure I titled this post the way I did, other than it was the song that was just playing on Everwood. How could I have lived these past three years without that show? I discovered it in September of this year, eagerly watched all of season 1 on dvd to find out they had no plans to release season 2 or 3, so i’ve been spending an awful lot of time trying to download the shows from the internet. I’m having to watch them all in different orders, but it’s okay, because I LOVE Everwood.

One thing that really hits me is the relationship between Ephram and Amy. Have we all had relationships like that in our lives? People you love, your best friends, trying to make it work out, but it seems like everything else gets in the way? And yet there is that one certain person you can’t let go of, the one that you don’t understand at all and yet you feel like you’ve known them forever. You can’t explain how they get under your skin, even knowing their faults and having them disappoint you, for some reason you still can’t let go. I absolutely have that person in my life. I have desperately tried to ignore him, forget about him, move on, hate him, none of it works. He’s been in my life for almost two years now and I’ve never been the same and I highly doubt I ever will be. Sometimes I think that it’s love in it’s finest form. I think this is incredibly exciting, who knows where the road will take us? Then I think it can be incredibly cruel to have something that you think is just perfect dangling in front of your face like a carrot and it’s just out of your reach. I suppose most of this lesson is learning to let go and just trust that if you are supposed to get the carrot you will, but it’s awful hard to forget about it when it’s there in front of you.