Is anyone else as concerned about Brad Pitt adopting Angelina Jolie’s kids as I am? I find it so disturbing, he was divorced less than six months ago and is now adopting someone else’s child? It seems a bit insane to me, I can see Angelina agreeing to it, but Brad? He’s always seemed so down to earth, sensible enough to realize it’s all a bit much, much too soon. So yeah, um the next time I see him, I guess I’ll let him know.

On a completely different note I found out today that my friend who plays football in the NFL was traded back to the Philadelphia Eagles this year. He played for them for three years was traded to the Tennessee Titans last year (of course it was the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl) and now he’s back there. I can’t tell you how much I love this guy, we were friends in high school, I really think he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. It seems so tragically ironic that he missed the year they went to the Super Bowl. I remember how he used to cry after our high school football games if they lost. Our team was horrible and yet he was all heart, this freaking HUGE samoan guy was all heart. I guess in one way I am so completely happy that he’s even had an NFL career that’s lasted five years, he didn’t even think he’d get to play college ball with one of his knees. However I just so wish for him to have that ring or just the feeling. J if you ever read this I miss you, I miss drawing with you in art, all of your pictures of Emmett Smith!

I finally went to Bikram again today, when you’ve been going for 6 days a week for three or four months, missing three days in a row seems like a lot. It was a good class, I think between Spinning like a maniac and Bikram I’m going to have killer legs. I’ve yet to figure out how many calories I need to consume with all of the working out, but I think I’m keeping it at a good level. I also haven’t seen cute lawyer guy in a week now… what a bummer, it’s fun to crush on someone, oh well.

It’s so funny to have a crush on some nameless guy at yoga, makes it fun.