So it’s tuesday. Yeah for tuesday! Today was day 7 of spinning, only 15 more days to go, I think I can make it. My legs are pretty sore, but I always think of things like the fact that if I was a POW or being held against my will, I would have to do a lot more than all of this work and I would have to do it everyday. Don’t give me that day of rest bullshit. 🙂

Cute lawyer guy wasn’t at yoga last night, what a bummer, where are you???? What are you doing? Why aren’t you blessing me with your presence and hello’s?

I watched Grey’s Anatomy last night, how I love that show, how I love tivo for not having to stay up late on Sunday and watch it. I think the best thing I see in everything over and over and over. We all have our own struggles, we all have our own battle and we just have to be kind. I know sometimes other people have less intense battles while yours is freaking crazy, but we are all being put thru the ringer all the time. Everything is hard for a different reason and you think, oh, I’ll just get over this and it will all be happy and rosy, and it’s not, something else, someone else, rears it’s ugly head and off you go again. I’m making it my purpose to be as kind as possible to people. Don’t worry I’ll still be sarcastic and sardonic, but at least to their face I’m going to attmept to be as kind as I can get and really mean it.

I’m glad it’s Christmas time, I like it, I like that I’m in California and it’s sunny, even if it’s fucking expensive and there is so much traffic!