okay… i know i know i shouldn’t be upset that brad and angelina are pregnant. i should be more upset that it looks like samuel alito is going to be on the supreme court with john roberts and that they both want to change the abortion laws. i don’t know.. i’m still upset all the same, it bothers me that they are pregnant… it just doesn’t sit right with me. i’m typing on keyboard that the left shift button doesn’t work, hence the lack of capitalization, because it would take years to type all of this having to only use my right shift button.

so i’m taking a math class at santa monica college right now. it’s a very basic, i can’t believe i don’t remember this stuff math class and i’m way ahead which is great. however, i am having a hard time with the lack of respect for the professor. here’s the deal, we have a chinese professor who’s english, while isn’t great, isn’t awful either. i have actually understood almost everything he has to say. here’s what bother’s me the kids in the class who don’t understand the math and don’t apply themselves like to blame their frustration on his accent. that’s the not the case though and really the fact that he’s teaching us and has an accent isn’t his fault. i want to turn around and say “look, don’t blame him. blame our government. blame the fact that we can’t pay enough money to have teachers who don’t have accents. call arnold, but don’t blame the guy who most likely doesn’t want to be here in the first place, but is the most qualified person to teach this class at the moment.’ i guess i’m a little nervous about bringing up the lack of respect. it irks me to no end when people don’t respect their elders to their faces. i’ll admit, i mock people behind their backs, but never in front of them and never loud enough for them to hear, that’s just uncalled for. aghhhh…kids these days.

next semester i’m taking human anatomy, two english classes, and elementary algebra..that should be a kick in the pants. i’m going to have to see if i can cut my work hours to do it all.. but i need to get these pre reqs for nursing out of the way and be done with ’em….

that’s it for now…