So I went to see the Ashes and Snow exhibit yesterday, have to say it was amazing. First of all they’ve set it up in what they call a nomadic building. The building is made entierely out of cotton candy, just kidding, it’s made out of those large cargo containers that go on ships and trains. They are all stacked together to form the structure of the wall and then the walls are made out of, what I would assume is a weatherproof canvas material. It’s rather large and I would assume that is so the elements stay away from the photos, etc. It’s very dark inside and the photos are suspended from wires with smooth rocks below them, there is a path down the middle made of wood (kind of like a bridge) and photos flank either side. There are three large screens where you can watch all the acutal footage of people with the animals, it’s very interesting.

Out of all of it, here is the thing that got me, how did all of those people know about Ashes and Snow? What made them go that day? What moves people in droves to go see art? I know there are a lot of educated people in LA, but it’s not exactly what you call a cultural town, it’s not a town I expect to see so many people at an art exhibit. Maybe it’s a simple answer, maybe it’s like me, they saw a photo and they were hooked. The art of passing things on is very interesting, it used to be my job, guirella marketing, grassroots promotion, I understand the concept. I just find it fascinating.

Other than that, we go to Hawaii in a week, which should be great, I’m so excited to go to a tropical location! Yahoo! Then I have a friend coming down the end of the month and then a month after that it’s Buenos Aries!