So this girl Kendall Payne, she lives in Los Angeles, is a great, thoughtful lyricisit, love her music to bits. She was signed to a label in Nashville, that’s how I heard of her intially. Of course, it’s Nashville and she was dropped from the label, but she’s been keeping it keeping on and she finally had a song on Grey’s Anatomy last night. Here are the lyrics.


It’s a big girl world now
Full of big girl things
And everyday I wish I was small

I’ve been counting on nothing
He keeps giving me his word
And I am tired of hearing myself speak
Do you get weary? Do you every get weak?
How do you dream when you can’t fall asleep?

I’ve been wondering what you’re thinking
If you liked my dress tonight
Would you still say you loved me
Under this ordinary moonlight

I’m so afraid of what you’ll say

I’d like to know if you’d be open to starting over from scratch
I’d like to know if you’d be open to giving me a second chance.

I used to think I was special
And only I have proved me wrong
I thought I could change the world with a song

But I have ended up in India
With no map to guide me home
The strangest place I think I’ve ever been
And all this time I thought that we were friends
My stubborn will is learning to bend.

Thanks Kendall 🙂