Do you ever wonder if you you’ll be satisfied? Sometimes I think that about myself, I want to learn to find more contentment and to just be okay with where I am at. I think this lack of being able to appreciate the moment and to constantly look for a better “high” a better way to have a new feeling is dangerous.

For instance, I’m in Hawaii. I’m staying at a gorgeous hotel with all of these amazing things in Hawaii and I’m not paying for it. How lucky is that right? It’s amazing, I’m so blessed, I’m working and working in a different way then I normal do, but still, it’s pretty nice. It’s just that we need some time to collect ourselves and breathe and get it all together? We just need a moment. That’s how I feel about most of my relationships too, I just need a moment to gather myself and breathe.

Then you think of people who are living in the midst of what we consider paradise, they live on Maui and they don’t love it. We think they are crazy and yet we understand, maybe it’s like the difference between being married and single, they all have their advantages and if you can learn to love and make the best of where you are and the choices you have made, you’ll be happier. To settle into the moment and just breathe. I went to the hot tub last night and was reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I started talking to the other guy in the hot tub who was also attempting to read, turns out he has a daughter who went to Boston College for her bachelors in nursing, worked at NYU and is now in Chicago getting her Master’s as a nurse practioner so she can work in pedatric oncology. A rather small world if I must say so myself. I think it’s interesting there are so many things that we can do and people we can meet and how life can encourage you in ways that are hard to find sometimes.

I’m excited to go to school and learn all this nursing stuff, but it’s scary, it takes a lot of work. Actually i just takes a lot of money, but i have to trust I’m making the right decision even if it takes a lot of money. 🙂