For some reason right now the only way I can describe the way my body feels is like sandpaper and bricks. The bricks, because I’m just exahusted. I took a 3 hour nap,after missing about 40 some odd hours of sleep, but come on.. by brain is fried. I just read this study how the body acutally does not need that much sleep, but the brain as a organ needs a lot of sleep. I can see that. Right now I need to make the two work together so I can get ready to go out and get dinner, b/c they go out late in Argentina, nice right?

I had a very uneventful flight from LAX to JFK, but then in JFK ended up walking about two trillion miles to make my connection, getting there and not having enough seats in the terminal, an overbooked flight, and just a painful world. However, I managed to grab some food and eat it before we got on the harrowing 11 hour flight. For some reason my seat had been taken and I ended up in an asile room, boo right? Well it was a boo, because I ended up not being able to sleep and incredibly uncomfortable. On the other hand I did encounter my first Argentine crush.

If only I had the nerve to find out his name. However, we did do a lot of touching when we were “sleeping.” He was beautiful, light hair, light eyes, loved New York, had a sexy Argentine accent, and was funny. I was in love forever and then we got off the plane. Oh worst of all, he was a lawyer, a laywer, that lives in New York most of the time. Perfection…