Imagine being in Buenos Aires and all you can think of is Evita. I think I sang that song in my head the whole time I was there… So I got to Argentina exhausted and tired, but hey, it’s an amazing foreign country and you must just keep going. As my mom says “you can rest when you are dead.”

So I get to Karen’s apartment which is in this cool area called Palermo, it’s what we in LA would consider Silver Lake or West Hollywood, cool, funky, etc… In Seattle it’s equivilant to Freemont and/or Capital Hill.

We went and had lunch at a neighborhood joint and had some amazing Argentina ice cream. The amazing thing about Argentina is that everyone has mullets. You would think they might figure out that they aren’t cool or that at least they are just completely unattractive. This needs to happen quickly, they seem to be like a virus there. The girls sport these horrible, choppy mullets, the hair is longer on their head, but it still just looks bad all together. The other thing you see all the time are dogs, everyone in Buenos Aires has a dog and all the dogs poo on the sidewalk. You have to watch where you are going or sure enough you will step in it. Karen mentioned that you tend to get a 6th sense about where the poo will be and it’s true, all of a sudden you find yourself not looking down, but knowing that poo will be there.

The next thing we did was to go to Karen’s art class. Art in Spanish, crazy right? I was trying to remember the stuff I learned in high school, we had to draw still life pictues. Yikes, drawing is a pain!

We went home and took a nap, it was beautiful, it felt so good to lay down… just amazing.

We went and had a great dinner at a nice little restaurant called Julino (I think) this is where the steak consumption started.