Okay, so there is a company with the cutest commercial, it’s for the website Mercado Libre which seems to be the ebay of South America. Without going into the details of the commercial, we kept singing this song over and over, it is VERY hard to get out of your head.


Moving on…

Monday we waited around for Fernando to get in, but turns out his flight from JFK was cancelled the night before, because they didn’t have a plane. So we ended up making a picnic and headed to the park. Buenos Aires has a ton of parks, it is a beautfiul city, very similar to New York, so we headed to this cool rose garden and hung out for awhile. Here’s the thing, they have feral cats in the park. Apparently, they don’t think it’s weird to have feral cats running around in the park. I still cannot let it go. Here’s the cat that was wanting food from us.

Fernando finally got in and we went to dinner and had dessert at this great place in Palermo. Karen and I started taking photos of ourselves, trying to look artsey. This is the best one I took.

It was a good night.