Okay… so the rest of the trip somewhat blurs together… Here are the things I know happened in no particular order.

Bobby, Karen’s older brother arrived… here’s a great photo.

We went to this local bar that had folkloreish Argentine music, it was pretty cool. It was a going away party for a friend of Fernando’s, altogether a good night.

The second band that played was great, the lead singer was from a northern state in Argentina. He had a good voice and also looked like Mandy Moore, he REALLY looked like Mandy Moore.

There is this HUGE silver flower that is next to the law school in Buenos Aires. It opens and closes at night, it’s pretty darn cool.

Karen lives on the 20th floor of her building and one day we had the bedroom window open, which doesn’t have a screen on it. It doesn’t have any protective barriers or anything either, kind of freaky. Anyway, the cat from next door by the name of Puma was attempting to get to her window, which has no ledge. I kept having to reach over and push the cat through the bars, crazy cat.