Do we ever really get over love? Is that a bad thing? A good thing? Does love linger on into other relationships, relationships that are strong and that you have both “moved” past? Yes, I am beginning to think that love lingers on, you find it in the cracks, when you move the plates in the cupboard and there is an old piece of it. You dig through an old file and find an article worn with time that still lingers of those moments. How do you find the strength to move from someone or something that at one time brought so much joy to someone who becomes the troll under the bridge? Someone you may not loathe encountering, but someone who wears you out nonetheless.

How do we move past what we think is right in our lives to what is? How do we know that the surity we feel is nothing less than unbridled emotion? When do we accept defeat graciously and go back to our hometown’s to teach children’s theater? Knowing that it is not our dream come true, but maybe a different type of dream forming. Dreams are hard to let go of and I think unless they organically go through their own dream revolution we will always be left wanting. I’m just wondering if there is a way to somewhat nudge the evolution along. Is there a way to make ourselves move faster through the wanting and the lack of getting what we want? Is there a way to remove the emotion that smothers our sense of reality? If there is, I need to know.

I need the formula, you see, I never want to save face in my true relationships. In the relationships that count I want to be true and real, however there is a balance to be found in true and real and knowing when it just isn’t your place. When it isn’t your time.