Inventive title I know, but I am so not into Chemisty. I cannot handle this intense amount of Chem everyday, it makes me want to scream.

Overall, I’m just tired, physically, mentally, emotionally. I wish sometimes that I had the balls to just yell and scream and hate the people that bother me.

I’ve really been into the tv show “House” lately. It’s possibly my new favorite tv show, I think it’s genius. I love the mix of mystery, witty sarcasm, and hugh laurie, oh how I love the mix of hugh laurie.

Ana and I got in a disagreement last night about House, if he was a jerk or not. I think House is a good guy, he just says very few ways of showing it. She just thinks he is a jerk, no if’s ands or butts, but I am the type of person that likes those kind of things. I hope can see past those things once I get to know someone, that they may be a jerk on to most of the world, but they are amazing. I think some of it is that I find people that are too nice or that aren’t honest enough annoying. I find them less real, sure they are nice and they don’t make waves, but they are not as real as I prefer.

I want real people. I want people that have issues, that tell you when they ate a little too much bran the day before. I like that, that’s real. I like real.