I’ve been watching “So You Think You Can Dance” all summer, it’s interesting, because in no way do I think I can dance, but since I took ballet jazz from when I was six until I was about tweleve, I can obviously dance a little. I don’t think I was ever that good at it, but I’ve thought that about everything I’ve done. I don’t think I was an exceptional soccer player, an exceptional swimmer, or a great tennis player, I just did them because I liked it. I wasn’t a great piano player either, but you know what? I think had I practiced, had I been motivated to do something more than just the activities on their own, had someone said, with this, you can do this… I might have wanted more from it. I might have applied myself more. Things have always come fairly easily for me in regards to activities, but I’m learning in swimming that if I want to be really good, I have to be there on the weekend. I have to think about swimming outside of swimming and I have to want to be in the pool when I am not.

I swam 1000 yds today in about 21 minutes. The last time I swam a 500 yd, a few days ago, it took me 10 minutes, so I basically kept the same time and swam double the amount, because I was trying to pace myself and not swim as hard. I wonder if there is a life lesson in there for me.

Oh but back to the dancing show. I watch all these dancers who are passionate about dancing, they all have a gift, they all feel it in their bones, and they all work their asses off to be able to dance like that, it’s great. It’s inspiring, and it makes me want to work hard at other things. I think enjoying a sport is a key to life, whatever it may be you have to love it and want to get better. Discipling your body is amazign and the mental rewards are a blessing.

I’m still feeling down about the crush not working out, but on the other hand a guy from one of my classes last semester asked for my phone number yesterday. I don’t think I’m that interested, but if he calls, I would go out with him, just for kicks.

The most exciting part about this weekend is that I am going to buy a bike. I am really hoping to get a used one and found a few I am going to look at tonight. However, if those don’t work out I’ll buy a new one, because a bike is happening this weekend! I think I’ll try and ride to and from school for swimming and class. In fact I’m going to make it my goal to ride almost everywhere west of the 405 when I have the time, because it’s good for my body and good for the pocket book.

Chemisty is still kicking my ass, seriously the hardest subject I have ever come across, in fact I am procrastinating right now about doing it. I have to pass with a “C” to be able to take both of the classes I’ve signed up for in the fall and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but at this point if I get a C I’ll be happy.

Okay, I’m going to try and at least figure a bit more out today.