So yesterday Judy and I went bike shopping, I didn’t realize how spazmatic I can be about spending large sums of money. First of all, it’s not a large sum of money, it was going to be about $400 alltogether, that was my estimation if I couldn’t get a used bike.

Anyhow… so we went to a few different bike shops. I decided fairly quickly that I didn’t want a mountain bike or a road bike, so then it was a comfort or a hybrid. I like the idea of a hybrid, but really I have no intention of doing long rides anytime soon or becomeing a mountain biker, this bike is purely for pleasure and commuting to school. We saw a lot of bikes and I had thought I would get a light blue one at Bikecology on Lincoln, but wanted to sleep on it. I decided to go to Bikeology on Pico this morning and found a Schwinn that is actually a better bike on sale! So I paid less and got a better bike, yahoo! I also got a helmet, but that was kind of a rip off.

So I took my bike for a little test run, I rode to the pool, after the intial figuring out where my bag goes… I ended up wearing it. I made it to the pool in about 20 minutes. I discovered my left knee that was bothering me in spin class a few months ago still kind of bothered me on the bike, but decided to ignore it and keep going, just slowly. I got to the pool and hoped in, but my right foot which has been sore for a few days was really bothering me, bothering me to the point of I couldn’t kick. So I did some laps on the arms, hopped out of the pool and made my way home. It only took me 15 minutes to get home. 🙂 I actually braved my way between a set of parked cars and cars on the road, it’s a little scary, but then I thought, don’t fuck with me! 🙂

Anyway, I’m excited to ride, it feels nice. I absolutely need to figure out a way to carry my backpack, because having it on my back will suck. But we’ll figure that out when the time comes.. as for now, I have a bike. 🙂 I’m also super tired and hungry.

Italy won the world cup. I’ve been rooting for France, but it’s just to annoy all of my friends, b/c they all are Italian, Italy blows. 🙂 See I still can’t even break out of the sarcasm…it’s innate.

Hopefully my foot will feel better tomorrow so I can swim.

Oh and I might get to go to NYC is August. Just when New York smells all ripe! 🙂