I dropped Chemistry. I could not face getting a C in the class or just not even understanding enough to get a B, so I dropped it. I took a W which I’m not so fond of, but I’ll repeat the course in the fall with a different instructor, who I’ve heard is great.

So I went today to have my first round of assesments for a learning disability. They handed me a helmet and a ticket to the short bus at the door. πŸ™‚ Nah, first I went through a book where you had to match patterns, okay, my level of anxiety SKYROCKETED! I can’t believe what I freak I am about taking tests, any sort of test! So I finished that and then took a reading comprehension test, again high anxiety level. The most beautiful part of it all was when I actually bubbled in the answers on the wrong portion of the test. Guess I really did need that helmet afterall.

The beauty and irony of the day though happened while I was testing. I got a call from the Scholars(honors) program, letting me know I had been accepted. Ha, I was accepted on the day I decided to drop and the day I was taking the type of test I took in 3rd grade. Oh well, I’ll stick with the scholars thing, looks good on the ol’ resume. I suppose now I should up the anty with my volunteer work at UCLA, if they haven’t fired me for not being there in a few weeks. At least the dreaded volunteer coordinator is gone, that woman made me want to say, you and your patients can go screw yourselves. πŸ™‚

I also swam today and I swam A LOT! This I’m not sure is a good thing since right now my body hurts. The pool some days is converted to 50 yds instead of 25, I think it’s what they consider and Olympic Size pool when it is like that, it also helps you to practice long distance swimming a bit more. Whatever it is, it makes it seem like so much more work! So I swam a 500 yd warm up, did some dolphin kick with fins, without fins, did some kickboard work, practiced the breast stroke, and then decided to punish myself for dropping chem, and swam a 1000 yds, it took me about 28 minutes which means I was tired, but that is the torture that comes with having more free time. It’s work out time!!!

So hip hip, cheers to me for being learning disable and getting into the scholars program. Hopefully I can keep this shit up, cause today I feel a bit retarded.

Oh and the new name for lower back tattoos? Tramp Stamps… still loving it.