I was talking to mark the other night and was actually quite amazed by something he told his son. His son is 9 and has been having a hard time figuring out how to not dwell on the crappy things that happen. Mark was trying to explain that it’s all in your brain and that if you think good thoughts, they will help to make the bad not seem well, so bad.

Here’s what he did. He took a chalkboard and wrote the word bad in the middle. He then started writing the word good over the word bad. As you can guess the more you write good, the harder it is to distinguish the bad. I think that’s great, I think that therapists should use that on adults. It is a super simple way to explain that you are in charge of your life and your thoughts. I like it, I think Mark is growing up adn I am so proud!

The rest of this week has been good. I’ve just been doing the normal stuff, swimming, signed up for BOOTCAMP! It starts July 31, I’m a bit nervous, but it will be good, I’m excited to work my ass off even more. Hopefully I’ll babysit a bit and hopefully I’ll get the job at Malibu Ranch, that would be great. I have a special place in my heart for addicts and it would be great to get paid well to work with them.

I rode my bike to babysitting TWICE, it’s about 16 miles round trip, not incredibly difficult with hills and such, but people in Santa Monica are so distracted when driving it’s frightening. Then there are the people on the bike path on the beach. The tourists who stand in the middle of it picking their nose. ARGHH!!! Anyway, it was good, my forearms hurt from holding the handles, funny.

New York isnt’ going to happen, boo. Ana’s business trip got pushed back another month, I hope I’ll be able to go in Sept, but for now I’ll get my 5 weeks in at bootcamp. I may still go to Phoenix, but since I just found out financial aid messed up my paperwork i need to be careful with the cashflow.

Next tuesday is my birthday, i’ll be 28, does it matter that i’m indifferent? i don’t really care this year i think it’s because i have so many other things on my plate. other things that are more important than my birthday.

ooo tomorrow i am going to a “Save Everwood” event. Crazy right? People who are more fanatic than i have pooled their money to put a ferris wheel as a grand gesture of love, near the CW offices. They have asked all the everwood fans in the area to show up in support. I am taking Ellen along, because we both love the show. I’m going to try and take some good pics.

i saw superman and devil wears prada this past weekend. i liked them both, superman was my last movie with jason, we saw it on imax, it was just right for us. then i saw devil wears prada with brenda, again, just right for us! it was a successful movie weekend.

okay, i’m tired and have swimming early, so i’m off to bed!