i want to go to Germany, Finland, Greece…

i want to go to china…

i want to be a really good swimmer without messing up my hair. i want to have hard workouts at the pool and have to drag myself out of it.

i want to ride my bike across the country.

i want to fall in love with a boy who loves me back.

i want to get my nursing degree and be able to wear scrubs to work…

i want to go home, to seattle, i love that city, i love the smell of saltwater downtown.

i’d like to drive to the gorge with mark and look at the sky.

i’d like to take some hip hop dance lessons, maybe some salsa.

i want to go to the world cup in south africa

i’d like to go back to argentina and spend a hell of a lot more time there.

i really want to lose more weight, go bootcamp!

i want to sail in boston and around st. george.

i want to understand chemistry and math without so much effort.

that’s the short list kids.. 🙂