wow, the last few weeks have been good.

on my birthday, i went on my first ocean swim, it was an amazing way to start the day. i’ve never swam that far off the shore and the most peculiar thing is that you feel that you are much higher than the shore, it’s almost surreal. it’s also incredible to feel the cooler currents at your feet, to know that is actually taking cold winds around the globe, what a cool world we live in.

wednesday we had our swim final, we swam 2 miles, which is 140 lengths of a 25 yd pool. Judy and I swam together and devised a system with a buoy to help us keep track of our laps, we did the first mile in about 35 minutes. The second mile was maybe 40 minutes, it’s great, you really just get your groove on. I think we were both somewhat in shock about how many people cheated and did swim the right amount of laps. both of us with about 5 others typically lead the pack, we are the first to swim in, etc, and so when we saw people done before us, well, it was just a bit shocking. oh well, we are good swimmers and that is why cause we put in our time and work our asses off… yea for that.

saturday judy and i went to the farmers market and i got a mixture of sprouted seeds! yummmm!!!! i’ve never had sprouted seeds before, they are awesome and soooo good for you, i’ve been mixing them with my favorite raspberry vinagrette…. yum! then i drove down to echo park to pick up karen, b/c she is back in town, thank goodness! we went to the central library (which is magnificent!) and saw Draco and the Malfroy’s perform along with Harry and the Potters. The lead singer of Harry and the Potters looks like rick moranis, it’s funny.

sunday the gang went to The Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long, or what we thought would be the sound of music sing-a-long. Instead it was a lame play that was boring, however the food and the company were great, made it worth while.

i then had to get my ass out of bed to go to bootcamp, first day. ana and i rolled into bootcamp, met our instructor and 30 or so classmates. it was good, a good workout, my legs hate runnning and lunges, what does that mean? i know i’m not weak, but it’s hard, those muscles are not my strongest and they let me know. running made me feel like my feet were stuck in concrete blocks. i kept thinking why the hell can’t i lift my legs up higher?

that’s it for now…