I have an honors English 2 class coming up in the fall and I need to get my writing on. So this will be a bit of a purge, but that’s what blogs are for, right?

I always feel like things are coming together, which then makes we wonder if they were ever apart. I guess it’s true that life is like the tide, it comes in, it goes out, it’s in constant motion and they only way you are going go anywhere is to work with it and not against it.

This last month has been awash with trying to get Laurel to commit to actually moving out and then finding someone who would move in. Ana had decided to get her own place, so I started my search on craigslist. I made a list of questions that to me helped me understand a person, more than anything, I was looking for an excited response to the questions, rather than what they actually answered.

Here are a few:

1. South Park or Family Guy?
2. Do you dry your feet before you get out of the shower?
3. House or ER?
4. Thoughtful before the fact or after?
5. Do you like to travel, how much?
6. Do you work out?

The responses were great, I most appreciated the honesty. There were quite a few people who responded that they were thoughtful after the fact. People who said they didn’t dry their feet, people who watched tv, of course most impressive was the girl who loved House equally, I figured we would get along fabulously. Then there was the professional tennis player who told me to google him, I saw his picture and thought he was FINE! Then he came over and let me tell you, FINE! does not do him any justice.

Inside I was kept screaming to myself:

“Keep it together!”
“Do not let him see you sweat!”

ha… i think i fooled him, well at least I hope I did.

Speaking of keeping it together and being in your head, I’ve been hanging out with Judy a lot and it’s amazing how similar we are, I also just kind of remembered she’s one of the first friends I’ve had in awhile that is exactly my age, kind of strange, but really nice.

We were talking about fame last night and how we both desire some of the acoutraments that come with fame; the wealth, the perks of making a phone call and getting things “done.” As we were talking, I got to thinking that outside of actors and actresses, well and now heiresses, most famous people are known for their passion. They are known for what they do and being good at it. We were both then trying to figure out what we “do” and what we “love” and how to make it our own.

I really do want to be a nurse, I want to help people and wipe the drool off their chins, that appeals to me. Is it what I would want to be famous for? I don’t know, admired and respected for, of course, but maybe I would really like to be known for humanitarian work or just for being an inspiration. To tell you the truth I would rather be married to a famous person than to have all the lights on me, I’d rather be the wind beneath the wings I think. (thank you bette middler.)

Oh and I’ll start blogging about bootcamp to keep it real and honest. It’s the 2nd day, it kicked my butt. First, I think I pulled a muscle in my quads the other day, so that wasn’t very helpful.

One Minute:
Push-ups: 23
Sit-ups (miliatary style, bastards!): 18
Mile: 11:43

I also have to keep up the swimming, b/c I signed up for the advanced class in the fall, so I can’t let it waiver.