the cast of rent was on ellen today, of course it was a rerun, but i’m a sucker for the song “seaons of love.” so it was a special treat, not only because they sang “seaons of love” but they did it in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you know me well you know that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Brooklyn Bridge and think it’s about one of the best pieces of architecture ever.

i was reading a blog by a friend of mine and she was talking about how she doesn’t trust people. it made me sad. i cannot imagine living in this world and not believing for the most part that people are for me. don’t get me wrong, i’m not naive, i know most people don’t care either way, but i like to think that given the chance, they are for me.

i guess i kind of figure that i generally want the best for others, so why wouldn’t they feel the same way? (Unless they are tailgating me, if they do that, i wish awful, horrid things upon them.) Another interesting point is that i have never been really depressed, seriously. the first time i was depressed, i was 27 and it was an unrequitted love thing, with a good friend. being depressed was awful, but it was good, i kind of learned what sad really felt like.

so the question is, am i lucky?

do i just have unsad genes?

was it a nurture thing? did my mom just do a good job of teaching me to love myself and others?

was it pastor tim in high school basically changing my world and teaching me to be greatful?

i have to give props to tim wimberly at the church of living water in Olympia. tim changed my life and even though i don’t really go to church anymore i would trade everything i have learned in life, for what tim taught me. tim taught me that greatfulness will take you further than you could ever imagine. he taught me that greatfulness opens doors that i thought were cemented shut. he taught me to be greatful when doors closed and small peepholes were opened. it changed me, it changed the core of me.

i will never ever be the same.

so thank you tim, i am forever greatful.

thank you Jonathan Larson for writing “Seasons of Love.”

thank you John Robeling for designing the Brooklyn Bridge.

i am greatful that good things happen and bad things too, because they help us to be more greatful for the good. life is good.