last night i had the strangest dream:

i was in europe with a group of people, i’m not exactly sure what we were doing there, but i have a feeling it was a bit like a mission trip. there were some people from my church in Olympia on the airplane, the senior pastor, etc. so now the interesting part is that we were actually flying in the air and our other group of people had been late, so they had to “meet” up with us. Now by meeting up with us, I mean that they had to fly, yes, I said fly their school bus and land on the wing of the airplane.

Since when do we land school buses on wings of airplanes? Also, how does this school bus catch up to us, if it doesn’t have wings it’s self. (It was truely like the magic school bus cartoon, I assume Ms. Frizzle was driving.)

Again, we are flying and it’s nighttime. I hear the school bus is about to land and I get extremely worried. I get to that stage of paralyzed worry, where you think something bad is going to happen, but you can’t say anything. So I’m sitting there semi-freaking out waiting to hear the bus has landed, latched on, and to see the rest of my friends. We feel something hit the airplane, but not the “normal” way it feels like a bump when the school bus usually docks.

We then get word that not only did the school bus not dock correctly, it damaged the airplane and we are going to have to land immediately. So we start our descent, some little girl climbs on my lap and is freaking out, so I’m trying to calm her down, trying to get her to tuck her head and just thinking “oh shit.” So the airplane keeps descending and we are thinking we are going to land at an airport. We get closer and closer to the city and the passengers realize the only place the plane is going to be able to land is on the freeway. So as we are descending cars are honking, getting off the freeway, and we land, of course we stop movie short of the tunnel.

Okay, so then at this point, everyone is fine and we get out of the airplane and into cars. It looks like we are in Italy and there are all these stands that have fresh bread everywhere and a lot of panatone. So one of the leaders wanted to stop our car and get some loaves of bread and we just pulled over to get them.

That is basically all I remember. I don’t know if the other bus made it. I think our whole airplane was unharmed, obviously if were stopping to buy bread.

so the big question, what does it mean?