my apartment is currently 89 degrees. it’s 915pm. this does not bode well for sleeping soundly this evening… oh well, at least i get to live by myself!

i’m waiting a few more minutes and then i’m headed to the hospital to collect my preplanning information for Tuesday morning. hopefully i’ll find an interesting case or two, choosing patients this early is risky, because a lot of people get discharged on monday, but i’m too tired to do it another way right now.

nursing school is really good. it’s exhausting, but it’s good. so far i am incredibly happy with what i have learned and as read books and more books, its neat to have an idea of what is actually going on with the human body.

i’m struggling in one of my classes, but at this point i will be happy if i pass it. never felt that way before, but nursing school is all about being open to new experiences!

i got to scrub in for a surgery last week, that was amazing. amazing to see the inside of living body and watch it be manipulated and cut and blood rushing everywhere. just incredible.

this is what i would rather be doing right now.

i just learned how to crochet granny squares. i am attempting to accomplish the babette blanket.

it will be neat to see how it turns out.
okay, off to the hospital.