check out all the light sabers! as soon as they started playing star wars, these popped up all over the audience!

i can’t remember what song this was… karen?

so last night i was lucky enough to attend “An Evening with John Williams” at the Hollywood Bowl. John Williams is the famed conductor of every movie ever.. .okay, that’s a bit drastic, but even if you don’t know who he is, you’ve heard his work. He composed the Olympics theme, Jaws, Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones to name a few.

The famed director and choreographer, Stanley Donen of “Singing in the Rain” also came out and spoke about some of the movies he has choreographed and directed. Again, amazing, he also did a bit of a dance for us, as requested by Warren Beatty. This guy is old, my first thought was “please don’t have a heart attack. that would really bring down the whole evening.”

All in all, it was a great event last night, the LA phil did an amazing job of playing to the cued up movie images, I was impressed.

Thank you John Williams. Movies would not be the same with out you…