i am so tired. i am so tired that i’m not tired does that make sense?

it’s been an incredibly long week. one spent running from work to study, to class, to events, etc… i left my house by 645 every morning and didn’t get home until after dark and i think today my body is catching up with me.

it’s been an exciting week though. i had my first day in the ICU and I LOVED it. I cannot tell you how excited I am to go back. It’s so neat up there and I think I may have found my calling.

i also know i have my calling in taking care of kids, hopefully just my own at some point. i took jonas and maisie to the park today and as after jonas and i had a serious talk about some questionable behavior and i was hugging him like no other, i realized just how much i want to have that chance with my own. to be as good to my children as i am to other people’s. i can’t believe how much patience i have garnered over the years and how much better i am at taking care of them then i was ten years ago. i would hope my bambinos would benefit from it.

in other slightly boring news…
I put these lovely dark brown sheets on my bed today after an exhaustive search of just the right color, I actually found some at Target I am quite fond of.

As for tonight, I was hoping to go bowling with some friends, but I think I’m going to stay in and go to bed early, so I can get up and get the mounds of school work that is on my plate started.

i realized in the past few days i cannot wait to relax, just a little. i love school, i love nursing, but i can’t wait to not have to worry about taking tests and such…