So, I’ve learned a few things this year. When you are not working, the money just goes away, no new money comes in. (Well, this hasn’t exactly been true. I had a great tax return and won a tiny bit of money in a court case.) Anyhow, I have been much more diligent in my coupon cutting, ad reading, etc. as of late. My latest bargains are as follows.

I bought 14 boxes of honey bunches of oats with strawberries or peaches for $10 (the boy is in LOVE with that cereal and I now love the peach version.) That is an awesome bargain. I’ve also had some pretty awesome purchases other than this, but I’m not going to post them right now.

Today, I had two awesome deals.

1. I went to a the dry cleaner to pick up A’s suits. I saw some fabric that caught my eye, a mens dress shirt, it’s awesome. I at first grabbed it to repurpose it into some other crafty item, but then I thought A just might like it. We’ll see when he gets home. Anyway, it was only $4, awesome! It was too bright in the apt for a full photo, but here is a close up of the detail.

Ecko Shirt

My clinical for today was also cancelled unexpectedly. I made a quick call to some of the girls, we decided to meet up for all-you-can-eat korean bbq. We needed some un-school girl time. I decided to go to the gym before to quell the guilt and had some extra time on my hands. I thought I’d run by JoAnne’s. Turns out, that store is going out of business. (sad, cause it’s the closest, but I hit a couple good deals.)

First, the thread. My mom found this awesome Pfaff machine for me at a garage sale for $30. The machine sells used on ebay for over $1,000. Yeah for mom! But it only likes very expensive thread, we are talking thread that is $3 or $4 a spool. Guess what I got at JoAnne? They were less than $1 a piece. I spent $25 on a few yards of upholstery fabric, a bias tape maker, all the thread (23 spools), and 4 zippers. That is incredible!