Yourself: Blessed
Your partner: Amazing
Your hair: Curly
Your Mother: Resourceful
Your Father: Lonely
Your Favorite Item: Knitting
Your dream last night: Weird
Your Favorite Drink: Water
Your Dream Car: Range Rover
Your Dream Home: Welcoming
The Room You Are In: Living Room
Your fear: Sickness
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Mama
Who you hung out with last night: LB
What You’re Not: Mean-spirited
Muffins: Apple-Cinnamon
One of Your Wish List Items: Fabric
The Last Thing You Did: Write
What You Are Wearing: Shirt
Your favorite weather: Warm
Your Favorite Book: Geisha
Last thing you ate: Soup
Your Life: Busy
Your mood: Peaceful
Your Best Friend: Fun
What are you thinking about right now: Sleep
Your car: Grey
What are you doing at the moment: Blogging
Your summer: School
Relationship status: Relationship
What is on your tv: Nothing
What is the weather like: Cool
When is the last time you laughed: Tonight