i’ve struggled a lot with anxiety for the past two days. i’m not quiet sure what the problem is. i have an idea, but not exactly sure.

the funny thing about anxiety is that trying to fight the anxiety can make you more anxious. so freaking annoying (i really wanted to use a different “f” word, but my mom doesn’t like it.) the best thing to do is to let out some of those fears, cry a little, blast out negative thoughts, and just trust that it is for a moment (or two days.)

i try to think of the things i love so much. the morning, 3/4 asleep snuggle. knitting while my boy watches basketball. laying by the shore when it’s 96 degrees in our apartment, pinching my man’s booty, holding a baby with little rolls of babyfat, breathing, water, all the good things.

needless to say, i have skipped the coffee today, i made my first banana bread. i would take a pic, but honestly, it just looks like banana bread. now i’m going to take the sewing machine into the shop as it now has a mind of it’s own and sews when it feels like it, without my prompting.

here’s to peace in our hearts, calm in our minds, and knowing that this too shall pass.