One of A’s Nigerian friends got married back in May. I was very excited to go to a Nigerian wedding and check out all the hoopla. It was much more than I expected, much more. The first thing is, A was in the wedding, this is good cause he looked totally hot in a brown tux, bad, because i was seemingly on my own.

I somehow talked Mel into coming with to the actual ceremony, boy was she a trooper! It lasted 3 hours! My advice, don’t show up on time, you can show up two hours late and you won’t miss much, because most people act like paparaazi around the couple anyway. I probably could have sold churros in there and no one would have said anything. It was pretty boring in parts, but here are a few photos I took.

Africans wear some crazy shoes, I inserted a sneaky photo of the lady’s shoes who was in front of me. Another freaky tidbit, they have a little bride and groom. They were adorable, but it was still kind of weird to me.