well summer school has lived up to it’s promise. a vampire like ability to suck all time away from said nursing student.

it’s been 20 or so odd days and i’m not sure i know up from down. i actually really enjoy this semester, it’s public health nursing and in some sadistic way, i enjoy knowing i’m at least trying to help someone. i’ve managed to spend some time with friends, work, and get a majority of the projects underway.

the projects i wish i was doing though are just milling around in my mind. i’d love to attempt another french lemon yogurt cake, but the cake tin is still staring at me everyday, screaming, ‘use me!’

what i have done:

made a healthy and yummy tuna cassarole. i used barilla fiber rich pasta, tuna, yogurt, spinach, peas, a little cheese, and panko bread crumbs. it turned out very good.

an awesome bok choy salad from martha stewart.

i have yet to actually find cornmeal to make anything with corn. i’m really wanting to try polenta fries and maybe some sweet polenta corn.

i have a darling shirt that needs to be hemmed.

a skirt to be made for a special 9 yo.

I want to make myself a cute little camera case, because store bought ones are boring and expensive.

there is a lot i want to do… but for now, i’m just trying to take care of the stuff i don’t want to. it’s also summer, that means so you think you can dance, weeds, and true blood. those along with spending time with my sweet love… make it pretty darn good.