sometimes i have so much anxiety. i’m not sure where it comes from. right now, i’m pretty sure it’s the fact that i am waiting to hear about grad school, that i have yet to take my nclex and that i really haven’t studied for it enough. That we are in the middle of a ridiculous court case that causes my boyfriend to toss and turn all night, and generally just breaks my heart, because it is so uncool. The fact that I would rather have a kid than go to grad school, but i don’t think it’s okay to have a kid without financial stability… all of those things are floating around.. so you know what I’m doing? I’m focusing on taking care of the little things, because then it will help me take care of the big stuff.

1. floss teeth everyday

 2. take vitamins everyday

3. meditate for 5 minutes a day

4. record bodybugg everyday

5. water, tea, and coffee in that order of importance

6. yoga 4 x per week

7. love my love, stand by him and help him through this time

8. manage mula carefully

9. pass nclex

10. cook meals at home and stop eating refined stuff

11. go to seattle

12. practice photography and sewing and the things i like.