Inspiration struck when I looked at all these awesome cookies at these I couldn’t afford their prices, but after being canceled from work today, I decided to try and make a few of my own. I also came up with the brilliant idea to make some cereal from honey bunches of oats, my loves favorite cereal.
recipe from Alton Brown. I divided the batch in half, mixed chocolate chip cookies into one half and half the amount of white chocolate chip cookies into the other. I let the dough chill and then I added pretzel sticks cut into thirds with the chocolate chips and then I used about two cups of honey bunches of oats with the white chocolate chips.  I didn’t measure, so sorry! I just eyed it. But what I learned with the pretzels is that you need more than you think you do. It also helps to just place them strategically on top. I also am not that fond of Alton Brown’s recipe. It’s great, but it is very sweet. I may try another kind the next go round.

The man loved ’em! I’ll take a pic tomorrow of him chompin’ on one!