Did you buy that book, “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat?” Did you notice it on the shelves? I bought it. I bet I still have it somewhere around my apartment. I remember two things from the book. Eat smaller portions and walk more. Okay, that’s great, but in America? Where we have super size everything? I gently put the book on the shelf and haven’t read it since.

However, a few years later, as I am trying to make real changes in my life. Life long changes that are for the better, I’m trying to get processed foods out. I am reading a book by Ann Louise Gittleman called “Get the Sugar Out.” Ann Louise opened my eyes when she mentioned that though the French people have diets that are higher in fat, they eat 5 1/2 times less the amount of sugar we do. Check this out, in 2006 Americans consumed roughly 180 lbs of sugar on average. Whoah! Think about that! Think about a 5lb bag of sugar from the grocery store, that is 36 5lb bags. Scary stuff. This doesn’t include things from refined flours like regular pasta or breads without whole grains that act the same in our bodies as sugar. No wonder we are so fat! Turns out, I have a crappy metabolism and I loved all that stuff, thank goodness I am learning about all of it right now.

I want you to know that I have chosen to not use artificial sweetners like Splenda. In fact, I am trying to only eat foods with about 5 ingredients in them, if they are processed. I have not been perfect about this, but I’m working on it. I am attempting to not use sweeteners at all or use stevia or honey. I was at Ikea today and bought an iced tea, at first it tasted really lame without anything to add to the flavor, but I got over it. Sadly, the tea wasn’t that great, but I am sticking to my goals!

Today also marks one month without soda! That was it’s own battle and choice in and of itself. But i am so glad I did it!