I love to use fresh herbs when I cook. However, I do not love to pay for those fresh herbs. This girl does not have that kind of money. But what I do have is a little ingenuity, a little adventure, and a really big window that gets a lot of sunlight. To that I said, “Let there be herbs!”

Step 1: Go to Ikea and buy $8 table and pots for $2 each.

Step 2: Go to home depot buy organic potting soil and fresh herbs. Let me tell you. I really thought about buying seeds, you know all the joy and pleasure of watching those little seedlings grow? Ha. Again, impatience ruled here and I decided to buy just two of the herbs I wanted and to wait until the others are available. I was only able to get flat leaf parsley and rosemary, but they are quite beautiful.

Step 3: Go home and assemble your creation!