I have gathered a substantial amount of debt from nursing school. Now that I am out and starting a great job, I sooo want to pay it all off! A & I both do. I am also on this whole kick of eating well, unprocessed foods and wanting to lose weight. In order to make all this happen and get my life together, I have created a schedule. To help save money I am now creating my list of meals for the week. Four of them will be meals for the two of us and then three will be meals where we can freeze half of it. Then on the days when we are both working, we should only have to reheat dinner when we get home. This should help save money and allow us to eat the organic and grass-fed meats I want to incorporate into our lives. I also have a crazy radical goal that I am planning to implement and now that I’m saying it. I have to live up to it. No eating dinner out for one year. This has a few caveats. If it is a gathering of friends I don’t have control over, it will happen, but other than that. No eating out.

I made my schedule and now I’m ready to begin! I found this piece of art on etsy last night! I’m using it as inspiration. Unfortunately, when I saved the link I only saved the pic and not the store, now I can’t find it again. 😦