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I created my own shopping list in excel format in order to keep track of what I need during the week. These are things I have on hand right now or have had in my pantry recently. I’m going to tape this inside the cabinet door and mark off things as we need them. That way when I go shopping, I do not over shop or miss those important things for my weekly meals.

On the agenda this week for meals:

Tonight: Fried whole wheat noodles w/ Terriyaki Chicken and Steamed Brocolli

Monday: Coq au Vin w/ homemade whole wheat pasta

Tuesday: 10 bean soup

Wednesday: Lobster Ravioli and Baby Greens

Thursday: Homemade marinara w/ Anise and Homemade Whole Wheat Pasta

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup w/ Whole Grain Garlic Cheese Bread

Sunday: Spaghetti Squash w/ Pesto and Grilled Chicken.

I am a little nervous about embarking on this journey, but what can I do? Other than to just start?

I can’t figure out how to give you a doc on this page just yet. So email me if you’d like a copy, I’m inserting a screen shot just for fun.


I have gathered a substantial amount of debt from nursing school. Now that I am out and starting a great job, I sooo want to pay it all off! A & I both do. I am also on this whole kick of eating well, unprocessed foods and wanting to lose weight. In order to make all this happen and get my life together, I have created a schedule. To help save money I am now creating my list of meals for the week. Four of them will be meals for the two of us and then three will be meals where we can freeze half of it. Then on the days when we are both working, we should only have to reheat dinner when we get home. This should help save money and allow us to eat the organic and grass-fed meats I want to incorporate into our lives. I also have a crazy radical goal that I am planning to implement and now that I’m saying it. I have to live up to it. No eating dinner out for one year. This has a few caveats. If it is a gathering of friends I don’t have control over, it will happen, but other than that. No eating out.

I made my schedule and now I’m ready to begin! I found this piece of art on etsy last night! I’m using it as inspiration. Unfortunately, when I saved the link I only saved the pic and not the store, now I can’t find it again. 😦

I love to use fresh herbs when I cook. However, I do not love to pay for those fresh herbs. This girl does not have that kind of money. But what I do have is a little ingenuity, a little adventure, and a really big window that gets a lot of sunlight. To that I said, “Let there be herbs!”

Step 1: Go to Ikea and buy $8 table and pots for $2 each.

Step 2: Go to home depot buy organic potting soil and fresh herbs. Let me tell you. I really thought about buying seeds, you know all the joy and pleasure of watching those little seedlings grow? Ha. Again, impatience ruled here and I decided to buy just two of the herbs I wanted and to wait until the others are available. I was only able to get flat leaf parsley and rosemary, but they are quite beautiful.

Step 3: Go home and assemble your creation!